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Our society is evolving with the advance of digital technologies and Digital Transformation (DX) is a key concept of any activities recently. However, as we live in a real physical world, DX is just a part of our world. We must face to apply the digital cyberspace technologies to merge in our physical activities.
We, Pacific Applies Technologies, focuses on activating innovative technologies in our real physical world. These cyber technologies include Internet of Things (IoT) solutions with integrating appropriate sensors , network, and systems to understand and utilize the data available to us.
In order to maximize the use of digital information, a feedback mechanism is necessary for the cyberspace to interface the physical world. Robotics is a typical application of harmonizing sensing and actuating technology, either autonomously or remotely operated.


Software Innovation for the new normal


Innovate faster, collaborate efficiently, and deliver more value with dramatically less effort.
Set up an innovation hub or team, charged with more rapid, disruptive change unfettered from the broader bureaucratic challenges of the organization as a whole. A place where ideas, experimentation, and rapid prototyping can help unblock the logjam and get new models and solutions to market faster, either cannibalizing core business or spreading virally within it to dislodge incumbent systems thinking.

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A Comprehensive Approach

Development & System Design

Designing the CPS systems require not only software designing but need knowledge on the sensors and hardware to interface the real-world, as well as the Human-Machine interface for the people to utilize the system.
We help designing the entire CPS system experience from the beginning of your projects.

Startup Development Team

Expert Guidance

Project Management

Building CPS systems involves many talents and resources in and out side of your organization, and dealing with day-to-day progress of the projects.
We help designing and managing the projects to maximize the talented resources capabilities.

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A Comprehensive Approach

Technology Research

Innovating ideas and technologies are evolving every second and timing is a very critical aspect of stimulating your business and projects.
We help organizations to engage with specific technologies and resources to dynamize specific needs in your organization.


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